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Express Fuels and Lubricants is a wholesale distributor offering a wide variety of high quality performance lubricants and chemicals. We offer the Express Fuels brand and many other products purchased from competitively priced leading suppliers.  Contact an Express Fuels and Lubricants member day or night on any of our products below and any other products that may not be listed.

  • ​Hydraulic 32/46/68

  • 40W, 15W40

  • Express 10W30

  • 8090W Gear Oil

  • Syn 50

  • Ashless 40 Plus

  • Solvent

  • Methanol

  • RWS 8090 SYN

  • Antifreeze 100%

  • 2 Cycle Synthetic

  • Extended Life 50/50

  • Rock Drill Oil

  • Defendal

  • And So Much More!

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